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On the Wine Trail in Italy

When Alfonso Cevola says he is on the wine trail, he's not talking just talking local but across the two countries he calls home: Italy and America. He says he's "drawn to the open spaces of America and the small vineyards of Italy."

Alfonso not only has a good nose but a good eye as well, as the photos within posts prove. He's been writing with a personal touch and intelligence about his adventures intersecting with wine (as he notes "sometimes very far off the wine trail") for nearly five years.

The site got a makeover last month and recently he indicated he was contemplating his next move and what direction the future holds for the blog. We'll go wherever this wine trail takes us.   

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It may have taken us a while to get through our blog list to Sediment, but good things come to those who wait. Two gentlemen (CJ and PK) face their mid-life terroirs bottle of wine in hand, and the result is a lively read, with reviews of inexpensive wines revealing a distinctly British sensibility.    
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Vino Wire
Did you hear it on the grapevine? Well, if it was news from the world of Italian wine, then you may well have heard it via Vino Wire. Editors Franco Ziliani and Jeremy Parzen created the site in 2008 so nothing (from news to tasting notes and editorials) was lost in translation for English speakers, and we say: Grazie!
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