One of the top questions I get at Snooth is, "Where are the values?" It’s not surprising that folks are looking for deals, and they usually are interested in their favorite wines, so it’s not surprising that Cabernet Sauvignon values are the most frequent request.

With our Global Tasting initiative (GTI) program geared up once again I thought the time was right for a value Cabernet Round-up.  We assembled a baker’s dozen, 12 wines under $15.00 and a long-time favorite (priced very fairly at $20, I might add) to use as a benchmark.

How did our budget wines fare?  Well, I found a remarkably solid $7.00 wine that duked it out with wines costing twice as much and a particularly fine Cabernet that is readily available at $13.00 or less.

What's a GTI?

Our GTI, or Global Tasting Initiative, is a great opportunity to share your tasting experiences with the Snooth community. We choose a region or grape and create a thread in the Snooth Talk Forum to discuss what we taste, and ask questions about the wines of the month. Our focus this month is on Cabernet Sauvignon and Cab-based blends. So, come on down to the Snooth Forum and let us know what you’ve been tasting.