Levi Dalton has been busy tracking down the best wine directors and sommeliers of New York City. Today, he speaks with the master of one of the city’s finest and most renowned cellars: Patrick Cappiello, wine director of Gilt restaurant in New York’s Place Hotel. From what’s happening in the wine world to some of his favorite wines, Patrick lets loose for a casual conversation with Levi which can be seen in its entirety here

As the name implies, this is not a restaurant where one should expect anything less than the best, and it has a two-star Michelin rating to prove it. This does not mean that Gilt is the exclusive bastion of the rich and famous. While a meal at Gilt might be an extravagant splurge, Patrick has worked to build a broad yet accessible wine list with wines from all regions and at all price points.

Does he pull it off? Read on to find out!