We've had great success with our series of wine recommendations from some of our favorite wine writers but now it’s time to get up close and personal. Over to coming months we’re going to take the time to introduce you to our wine writing friends. By telling you more about them, where they’ve been and where they’re coming from we hope to help you make better sense of their selections.

As you might know we here at Snooth are big fans of trusted retailers. At the same time we also know that not all of us have access to the best retailers, and we can all use additional data points to help us choose our wines. This group of writers is the next best thing to a trusted retailer, and as a group they serve as an invaluable asset in helping us all sift through the myriad, and confusing selections that the typical wine consumer is faced with. On tyhat note let’s get to know Ben Carter of Benito’s Wine Reviews.