80% Garnacha, 20% Carignan
Inky and mineral scented on the nose with a nice base of leathery dried strawberry fruit flecked with  white pepper and a  bit of a grilled meaty base note. A little sweet on entry, though with enough acid to help keep this fresh in the mouth. The texture is lovely, soft and clear in the mouth with some attractive inky and mineral notes that recall the nose. there’s plenty of wild berry fruit here, though this is not a particularly fruity wine, turning a touch stern and hard on the back end.  It’s a bit spicy on the modest finish and shows some slightly austere tannins that linger in the mouth. The touch of sugar is probably well considered in light of the structure, if a bit incongruous. I want to like this more, it’s structured and shows interesting savory character to the fruit, but the sweetness is out of character. Still this should prove quite popular. 85pts
Quite floral on the nose with slight jammy raspberry fruit and a bit of a sweet carob note, slightly caramel cast to the aromas. Shows a hint of VA. Light and fresh on entry, then firming up nicely in the mouth, this is wide open and easygoing on the palate with enough acid to keep this nicely juicy. A touch medicinal, mineral and very polleny with a note of ginseng in the mouth, some furry little tannins show up on the backend and add a little edginess to the moderately long, fresh finish. A bit grapey and rustic, this is delicious though it could use a nice grilled rack of lamb ribs to help balance out some of the structure.  85pts
Fruity and exuberant on the nose, this is filled with strawberry and red licorice fruit along with hints of slate and a little polleny floral note. A bit simple in the mouth, with tart acids accentuating the strawberry and blueberry flavors in the mouth. A pretty small scaled and focused garnacha, this is very grapy and friendly and easy going. The tannins show  up on the modest finish, along with a hint of minerality but overall this is just a fun, slightly rustic, honest feeling if slightly fruit forward wine that shows enough structure to pair well with a broad array of dishes. Try it with roast chicken. 85pts
Jammy strawberries with a little smoke and tar greet the nose along with hints of candy cane mintiness and some dried bay leaf. This is a fairly large scaled wine, though not super dense or chewy. the alcohol is noticeable in the mouth from front to back lending this a bit of a liquory profile in the mouth though the fruit is nicely red tinged all strawberries and raspberries. The tannins are very soft making this easy to drink, and while the alcohol is noticeable on the finish it doesn’t stick out as much as one might expect. A bit unremarkable in the mouth with jammy fruit on the modest finish, this smells a bit better than it tastes. 84pts
A bit reticent on the nose with some pencil shavings lurking under candied cherry fruit with a hint of violet adding some detail. Shows a bit of shoe polish as well. Very smooth and polished in the mouth with modest fine grained tannins and slightly zesty acids helping to frame low key and simple grapey, black cherry, mulberry accented fruit. Smooth and with decent length, this is simple, clean and easy to drink, picking up a hint of licorice on the backend and showing a touch of heat on the finish. 83pts
Licorice, violets,  and plummy fruit come together on the nose with a touch of strawberry jam adding some detail. There’s plenty of acid here that doesn’t feel natural in the mouth. This is tart and then round with jammy strawberry fruit and powdery tannins. Raw and rustic in the mouth, this tastes industrial and harsh. Extracted tannins grab the gums on the brief finish which is a bit hot. 70pts