Garnacha from Spain has emerged as one of today's great values in red wine. Much of the fruit responsible for the proliferation of new bottlings has come from old vineyards that until recently were used to produce bulk wine, or to supply a family’s vinous needs. It is thrilling to have so many old vineyards saved and in producing quality wine these days, but what is even more exciting are the wines.
Can you get really good wine for $10? Wine that would appeal to wine geeks and novice alike?
Well the answer is yes. And no!
In general these wines are remarkable deals, though there is a divide between what wine geeks might like and what novices might like. Fortunately Garancha can produce both sets of characteristics, though rarely in the same wine. Garnacha is generally recognized for producing fragrant, red fruited wine that are fairly big in the mouth, if rarely chewy and dense. In a hot climate rich perfumes of candied strawberry are often framed with floral and slightly herbal accents, as was the case with many of these wines. But some of these examples, sourced from throughout Spain, were decidedly different. While most of the wines were pure Garancha, a few were blends, which is not unusual for Grenache, and is particularly common in old vine vineyards.