2008 Biblia Chora Areti Red Pangeon 14% $28

Deep earthy slightly oaky and impressively spicy on the nose with layers of mint, turmeric, dried bay leaf and sweet gum adding nuance to the core of smoky black cherry and black raspberry fruit. Rich, slightly weight and yet polished on entry with plenty of density early on the palate that yields to a mid-palate that brightens with acids and gains good clarity. This is a fairly deep and powerful wine, with almost flamboyantly rich fruit buffering significant wood and fruit tannins. There’s lovely cut on the palate for a wine of this size and raspberry fruitthat follows through to a supporting role on the long, mineral laden finish. Chewy, dense and rich, this still hassuch a wonderfully defined center. I’m digging this, even the finale with it’s notes of creamy, caramel oak. 91pts

2009 Alpha Estate Xinomavro Reserve Vieilles Vignes Amyndeon 13.5% $24

This is rather candied on the nose with aromas of red licorice, necco wafers and tootsie rollls layered over and obscuring the more fruity aromas. Air tempers the sweetness adding in subtle herbal flourishes.  A bit weightyon entry, this has a seductive texture, smooth and polished but also subtly tactile with dusty little tannins. theflavors are juicy with acidity and full of red berry fruit that’s a little rusty and wiry. This is tart and firm in the mouth and yet pliant with attractive ripeness of flavor and texture that at the same time keeps the wine firmly on the side of freshness. Eminently drinkable and interesting, this just has a bit of a curious nose. 90pts

2005 Parparoussis Reserve Nemea 13% $42

Subtle and earthy on the nose with a hint of cigar wrapper and sweet herbs tied to a dusty base of slightly mushroomy and minerally plummy fruit all topped with a hint of sweet cedary oak. Opulent and broad in the mouth, though with fine acidity and good transparency on the midpalate. this is on the more decisive end of the texture spectrumwith sharp yet balanced acids and tannins that are softened by time yet remain fairly angular ina delicious sort of way. The palate is a little minty and a touch dried herbal but the core of cherry and strawberry fruit is lovelyand bright with a real vivid quality. There’s something vaguely Burgundian about this that carries through the finish which features fresh red fruit, those fine and lively tannins and excellent persistence. 90pts

2009 Alpha Estate Xinomavro Hedgehog Vineyard Amyndeon 13.5% $20

Fairly oaky and dry on the nose with aromas of tea, old wood, caramel and an earthy/mushroomy edge layered over some dark, spicy fruit. Lots of wine on entry, big and fruit then the acid kicks in almost immediately to add definition and focus. the plate is rich with spicy red fruits, raspberry and even strawberry toned if rather muscular. There’s a fine base of tannins and plenty of acidity for support. The wine comes on like gangbusters but the finish is short and a bit thin, pleasant with it’s tea scented raspberry fruit and gentle mineral notes but underwhelming after the robust palate impression. Aitr tames this rather quickly and the wine loses it’s power and gains more elegance and transparency with earthy wild cherry flavors thrown into the mix. The finish remains the weak link but there’s a lot to like here on the palate. 89pts

2007 Domaine Gerovassiliou Avaton 13% $50

A blend of unspecified percentages of Limnio, Mavroudi and Mavrotragano

Spicy, minty and fleshy on the nose with aromas of pink peppercorns and toasted nuts over a base of taut red and black fruit that reminds me of red and black raspberry candies. This is dark and tall on entry, really shows lots of height in the mouth and relatively little breadth as it seems tightly wound but offers up plenty of black cherryand black raspberry fruit framed with wood spice and hints of caramel and vanilla. This is rather tight and rigid today with lots of powdery tannins on the palate. It’s both well defined structurally and rather opaque if rich with flavor at the same time. A bit in the Icon Wine style. Obviously has plenty of potential but today this is a bit tough and chewy and while the oak is well integrated it’s presence is definitely felt. 89pts