Straight from the San Juan region of Argentina, Graffigna brings the bold flavors of ripe berries, sweet spices and just a hint of black pepper, making for a Malbec that is perfect both before dinner and at the table.

Looking to pair one wine with a variety of dishes? Lamb, steak and even spicy foods meet their match when paired with Graffigna Centenario Reserve Malbec! Friend Graffigna on Facebook to learn more about their line of wines and all of the best dishes to pair them with!

Malbec wines from San Juan, like the Graffigna Centenario Reserve, get their incredible intensity of flavor, color and aroma from the region’s extreme climate. Warm and sunny during the days, cool at night and dry year round, the region is ideal for producing fresh fruit flavors. The towering Andes Mountains close at hand provide just the right amount of water to keep the vines, winemakers and wines happy.
The oldest winery in San Juan, Graffigna has a rich history of over 140 years in Argentina. In addition to the Malbec, the Graffigna Centenario line brings authentic expressions of both Pinot Grigio and Cabernet Sauvignon to fine wine stores near you as well. Both wines are pure, rich expressions from the heart of Argentina. Graffigna Centenario: The Malbec worth remembering!