This article originally appeared at Chris McGurn's blog Beltway Bacchus

With the Virginia Wine Showcase having come and gone and the Virginia Wine Expo fast approaching, what better time is there to take stock of where the Virginia wine industry is and where it is headed? My own humble answer is “none.” On display at the Showcase, along with wines from close to 40 Virginia wineries, was an unwavering confidence about the health and the direction of the industry. Not that there aren’t problems that need to be addressed. The fact that Virginia cannot ship its wine to nearby Maryland and Pennsylvania is criminal - and a constant concern to many people in the industry. But given the quality of wine, the growing reputation of the state, and the increasing number of wine producers, the overwhelming feeling is that the Virginia wine industry is on the cusp of gaining the reputation so many within the business feels it deserves. The wine is where it needs to be, it is now a matter of developing better reputation.