It is that time of the year again. Nonstop work, gruff customers, inventory miscounts. I know we all can’t wait until the holidays are in our rearview mirrors, our inventories are depleted, and our cash is safely (hopefully) in the bank.

It’s that last bit I hope to be able to help you with today. As usual, I’m bringing you Snooth’s top searched wines of the last 30 days, this time with a special focus on sparkling wine.

Though I originally figured it would be a more appropriate topic for the week leading up to or immediately following Christmas, as I compiled my list I couldn’t help but feel surprised to see Moscato and Champagne dominating the field. There were a few other minor surprises as well.

First was that my recommendation of the 2009 Alta Luna Pinot Noir does not seem to have fallen on deaf ears. If you missed it, I recommended this $12 Italian Pinot Nero with much enthusiasm. It’s a delicate yet pure wine and is downright delicious. Not a fancy wine, but a great wine for people looking for an affordable Pinot Noir.

Another surprise was a liqueur that I had not heard of: Kinky Liqueur. I think there’s good reason for my not hearing about this marketing coup, I am not the target audience. Who is that target audience, I’m not quite sure, but it seems like they’re hitting it because people sure are searching for it. And if you don’t stock it, maybe you should as well!