Here at The Spirit I receive a lot of spirit samples—and I mean a lot. More often than not, I find myself wondering what to do with a lot of them, and recently I decided it would only be fair to inform all of you readers about the fairly amazing variety of liquors that I receive here on a daily basis.

Today is already a great day, as I’m tasting Scotch, one of my favorite spirits of all time. Spicy, smoky, warm, and inviting, Scotch is a force to be reckoned with, and I love reckoning with it. A good Scotch has the ability to take you to a completely different realm of flavor, and the two brands that I have on hand for you today do just that. The 1797 Glen Garioch Founder’s Reserve and the Glen Grant Major’s Reserve are two truly exquisite expressions of the Scotch tradition. Lucky for me, they found their way into my glass, and into my heart.

Scotch image courtesy of Draconiansleet via Flickr/cc