Fine Ideas for Father’s Day

Five great ideas for Father’s Day gifts that you can share!


Father’s day is right around the bend and you don’t want to be stuck buying Pops another tie do you? Of course not. By him booze instead. He’ll love it and if you’re lucky you might even get the chance to share some of it. I know, you’re thinking “Geez, that’s gonna be too expensive.” Well he is your pops, so he is probably worth it but if you don’t have the scratch you can still get him an awesome present.

Here are ten suggestions for Father’s day that will not break the bank and are sure to please even an old man’s discerning palate. I’m going to start with a pair of Cabernets because let’s face it, folks love Cabernet. Even my own father broke my heart last year when he off handedly confessed to ‘probably preferring Cabernet”!  I’m working on that problem, but in the intirim i wouldn’t deny him what he wants.

$20 Cabernet

2010 Mossback Cabernet Sauvignon Chalk Hill

For about $20 it’s hard to find a better Cabernet than this medium bodied example from Sonoma’s Chalk Hill AVA. It’s a wine that has a little bit of everything from minty, herbal nuance to fresh fruit and nuanced oak spice and vanilla accents. Drinking well today it’s sure to improve for at least a few years.

$50 Cabernet

2007 Elyse Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley Morisoli Vineyard

Napa Cabernet has a pretty bad rap for under delivering on value. Not this elyse though. It’s a classic, powerful yet well balanced Napa Cabernet that pairs big, fresh fruit with well judged oak to deliver the knockout experience that napa is famous for. It’s not super easy to find but there’s still time to hunt down a bottle or two.


While port is not a notably summery gift it’s still plenty cool enough on most evenings to enjoy the warming embrace of vintage port, which is one of the worst wine investments one can make. Why even mention that? Well primarily because you can pick up well aged vintage ports for a song! For an even better value search out some of the single quinta ports that are bottled when a vintage is not declared. They are killer values! 1990 and 1996  are overlooked vintages for these single quinta Ports, and I have been particularly impressed with the 1990 Warre’s Quinta da Cavadinha ($45) and 1996 Dow’s Quinta do Bomfim ($50) as of late.


Balvenie Doublewood Single Malt Scotch Whisky 12 Year

There are way too many bottlings of Whiskey out there for me to even pose as an authority, though I do know what I like. I tend to prefer well balanced, medium bodied, complex tipple over one that is dominated by peaty spice. This balvenie is all that and more. matured in two types of wood, and aged for 12 years, it’s a ridiculous value that never fails to please any Scotch drinker I share this with. Even my dad!


Sometimes dads are not red wine drinkers, not spirits drinkers, and don’t even like sweeter wines. In which case we have to be a bit more creative in coming up with the perfect father’s day wine. It used to be easy. White Burgundy was the thing, and then the curse or premox, or premature oxidation, hit and now we can’t recommend aged white Burgundy for fear of serving an over the hill bottle. There are several answers to solving this problem. Of course Vouvray, dry to sweet, would have to feature prominently but to make things easier how about a fabulous dru riesling. You can even get one with some age on it for cheap if you know where to look. Where to look is Australia for delicious, remarkably ageworthy and totally under appreciated Riesling! Try either the 2004 Leasingham Riesling Clare Valley Magnus ($15) or the 2008 Leeuwin Estate Riesling Margaret River Art Series ($20).

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    Love the Riesling from Margaret River. In fact I have never been disappointed with any of the wines from Margaret River that I tried. The problem is that very few wine shops carry them.

    Jun 10, 2014 at 3:24 PM

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