As the days warm-up (and boy, was it ever warming up last week -- 90 here in NYC!) our thoughts will turn more and more to the refreshing whites and roses that are perfect for the summer. I’ll be just as tempted as the next guy or gal to reach for a tried-and-true white, though in my case that would probably mean Txacoli or Pinot Bianco, as opposed to Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc.

Whatever the case may be, I though we could start off this spring on the "wrong" foot! Are you feeling adventurous yet? How about trading in your usual white for a little Steen or Verdejo on one of these warm spring eves? If you need a little prodding--and who doesn’t like a good prodding now and again?--allow me to introduce you to my little friends: South African Chenin Blanc and a handful of Spanish gems.

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