It’s strange as I sit here in the same backyard that I grew up in. I feel like that’s not typical these days. People growing up in a house, in a neighborhood, in a culture and being able to sit in that exact same place 30 years later, reflecting on all that happened. Every happy moment, every cut and bruise, every triumph and failure—it’s all here. But the memories that truly stay with me about this backyard are the foods we enjoyed here as a family. The summer menus always included something off the grill, simple foods that were just fresh and properly seasoned, straight from the grill. However, with each of these meals, there was always a pasta course, prepared with great care throughout the day and often with freshly made pasta. The first thing that comes to mind is Pasta con le Sarde. Yet, there was another that left just as much of an impression: Pasta alla Norma.