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Buy a better glass
It's true. While I am no glass-aholic, you know the type, the perfect glass for every wine in their cupboard, I do believe that a good glass can enhance the enjoyment of just about any wine. It's about giving the wine some room, some space to breath, some space to capture aromas, which you smell and taste while drinking the wine. It's also about how the wine looks. Wine hits all of our senses so there's no point in not making the most of each. 
You don't have to go crazy buying glasses. There are plenty of great options out there for about $10 a stem or less. What you want is a bowl that is at least 10 ounces, with a thin edged lip. I prefer a burgundy bowl, the tulip shaped one, but an all-purpose bowl is probably the best choice if you're only buying one style of wine glass. One key to a well designed wine glass bowl is that it is narrower at the top than in the middle, which helps keeps the wine in the glass while you're swirling it, which in turn helps it to release all of its aromas. The glass pictured, a Stolzle Classic 22 oz red wine glass,  is under $5 a stem and a great all-purpose wine glass to start with.

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  • Snooth User: cma238
    1295124 214

    Great article. After going through all the "phases" as described, do you still find yourself falling in obsessed-love with grapes or regions (the equivalent of 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. spouses) in particular? Or is love different the second time around?

    Sep 18, 2013 at 1:42 PM

  • Snooth User: Martze
    1309158 2

    Yes, the wine, but don't ever underestimate the time, place/setting, friends, season (clear, crisp autumn day...leaves turning color)...color/hue of the wine, the glass with a proper length stem-just for you-, the sloshing wrist action, the couch outside with the crackling fire as the sun sets in peachy tones.... That wine, that night with the bride of your youth....you WILL remember!

    Sep 18, 2013 at 3:24 PM

  • Snooth User: cma238
    1295124 214

    So well put!

    Sep 18, 2013 at 4:52 PM

  • Snooth User: sahlsmith
    1348156 40

    I enjoy making a game out of most anything. It comes from the game my Samoyeds taught me, you know, throw the ball, run to the ball, sit and wait for me to come pickup the ball and throw it back to where we started. The purpose of this game is two-fold: let the dogs think they're in control and work-up a powerful thirst for wine. A wine game I enjoy with two-legged friends is to buy three wines of the same grape variety and pour them into three identical decanters labeled A, B and C. One wine is usually fairly pricey, one is around $20USD and the third is a box or Terra-pak wine. Inevitably the box or Terra-pak wine is the favorite. It's a fun game and makes wine approachable by removing the aurora of snobbery.

    Sep 18, 2013 at 11:57 PM

  • Snooth User: Timothy R
    444500 3

    I would add one other step: ALWAYS decant reds. No matter how inexpensive, decant. In fact, often, I've found that less expensive reds are even more drastically improved by decanting than their more expensive, refined brothers and sisters. Like the wisdom shared above about the glass, the decanter need not be anything more than an ordinary sort, rounded out and full at the bottom with plenty of room for the wine to breathe... don't pour the entire bottle into the decanter if it exceeds the room for lots of contact with the air, and allow time, even an hour or so is not too much. But just the act of pouring into the decanter gives the wine contact with air, and improves bouquet and pleasures of the palate tremendously.

    Sep 19, 2013 at 12:30 AM

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