I have to admit that I got a chuckle out of this summary. Instead of spending time on building this study, the author should have just worked in retail! Shoppers felt negative emotions when they encountered an incompetent or unkind salesperson, stop the presses!

Is this really research? Allow me to steal a phrase, we in retail find these truths to be self-evident. I digress. What was of note here was the first point made, that shoppers like to see a wide product assortment and that they are getting good value for their money.
Yes, this too is self-evident, but perhaps it is a warning to those who might go overboard with their holiday decorations. Too many stackouts can give the impression that you have less of a selection than you do in fact offer. There is a fine line between promoting a good deal and pimping out a close-out, and consumers are becoming more adept at discerning between it.
Another issue involved in holiday displays is the effect they have on the perceived crowdedness of your store. We tend to think that a busy store encourages people to buy, but once again, according to the experts at the Association for Consumer Research:
“Under a high density (crowded, why can’t these people use English?) condition task-oriented shoppers experience more crowding (ah, finally) and less satisfaction with the store environment.
Under a high density condition perceived purchase risk and time pressure intensify perceived crowding.

Translation: People don’t like to be crowded, it makes them feel rushed and less confident in their purchases.