Best Drinks for Oscar Night

Raise your glass for your favorite flick


Oscar Night is coming up this Sunday, so we thought we'd make a toast (or 10) to the pick of the flicks. We've been inspired by our sister site Snooth's Wines to Make Your Oscar Favorite A Winner to put a spirits spin on this year's Best Picture nominees.

Whether you're throwing an Oscar Night party for many or for one, it sure doesn't hurt to have a drink in hand to help you get through that long ceremony. We reckon along with the Academy, God, parents, agents, hair stylists, makeup artists and accountants, bartenders everywhere should get a shout-out!

The glass please...

Black Swan

Fittingly, we're turning to the classics to toast this classical ballet thriller. The White Russian is the perfect match: light battling dark with grace. Fully embrace your dark side by using a black vodka, such as Blavod. And if you'd like to break out the bubbly for this one, make sure to pour in some Guinness first to make a Black Velvet.

The Fighter

Yes, the obvious choice here is a punch. Better yet, make it a Bloody Rum Punch. Or you might want to put some weight behind it and throw down an Alambama Slammer. One-two, three or four, these are knockout drinks. Or if you're not one for fussing, just make it your best Irish.


What else has the mind-altering power to bend reality and invade your dreams? How about the infamous spirit absinthe? Don't let that "green fairy" fool you -- this is around 70 per cent proof and while it has been legal in the U.S. for the past few years, take this slow and go with the traditional sugar and cold-water drip. If you can't get hold of absinthe, try for Pernod and man up for a Big Barnacle Bill.

Toy Story 3

This may be a G-rated movie, but there are some very adult themes covered in this animated masterpiece! But if you need to keep your drinks as soft as the toys, mix up a mocktail. That's right, no alcohol, and a fruit-juice base. You could also try for healthier alternative, such as a coconut water cocktail. Oh alright, if you need a little something to get you through all those speeches, go for a Legal Shirley Temple.

True Grit

OK, this one's too easy. Wild Turkey actually created a drink in honor of True Grit and Jeff Bridges' character, so why not take up the suggestion and rustle up The Rooster? The bourbon-based drink literally has that gritty edge: the glass is rimmed with salt. Or, if you want to spice things up, brace yourself for the Red Rooster Sour, which includes spicy mango chutney, chili salt and red pepper skin-soaked bitters.

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