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The Summer Olympics could be my favorite of all of the international games out there. As a former swimmer, I have always been blown away by the talent in the pool. Even when the swimming was over, I was glued to the television watching diving, gymnastics, track and field and other various sporting events. The games represent international unity and encourage people in every country learn more about other cultures and the similarities in our seemingly completely different backgrounds. Just like these sporting events, drinking habits can be more universal than most people think, especially when it comes to drinking games.

The drinking game itself isn’t a college fad that loses its mojo after graduation. In fact, it’s almost too easy to have a large group of people over at your house and decide, hey, let’s all socialize together and drink while we do it! What better a way to do that than with a game?

Americans have a variety of drinking games to choose from and most people of college age or above are at least slightly familiar with them. Beer pong, flip cup, quarters, the list can go on. But what about our friends around the world? Do they drink the same way we do, with ping pong balls, cheap beers and fiery competition? It seems that in fact, they do.

Know any great international drinking games? Leave them in the comments below so everyone can play!

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China: Jiuling

Rules of Jiuling:

Without showing anyone else, hold up fingers to represent a number 1-10, or make symbols with your fingers to represent numbers 11-20. Each player then guesses the sum of all the players’ fingers. The player with the closest guess stays sober that round, while everyone else has to take a shot.

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England: Fuzzy Duck

 Rules of Fuzzy Duck:

One player is nominated to start. He or she either says "FUZZY DUCK" or "DUCKY FUZZ.” If the first player said "FUZZY DUCK" then the player on his left can either say "FUZZY DUCK" or "DOES HE.” If the first player said "DUCKY FUZZ" then the player on his right can either say "DUCKY FUZZ" or "DOES HE". If the second player in either direction repeats the first player then the play passes to the next person around the table. He can say "FUZZY DUCK"/"DUCKY FUZZ" following the second player or "DOES HE". The phrase "DOES HE" reverses the play around the group, i.e. switches clockwise for anti-clockwise or vice-versa. It also has the effect of changing the phrase so "DUCKY FUZZ" becomes "FUZZY DUCK" and vice-versa. Two people can say "DOES HE" one after another, this has the effect that the play carries on in the same direction as before and with the same phrase.

There are only two more rules, you cannot say the same phrase twice in one session. If you said "DUCKY FUZZ" last time and the order of play means that you should say "DUCKY FUZZ" again you must say "DOES HE" so reversing the direction of play and the phrase. If anyone makes any form of mistake in pronunciation or in the order of play, i.e. saying the same phrase twice, then a forfeit must be paid. Normally this consists of downing your shot in one, any mistakes in carrying out the forfeit can lead to further forfit.

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Ireland: Coasters

 Rules of Coasters:

Participants need a plentiful supply of cheap cardboard coasters and beer. The game is played at the bar or on a table. It begins with one coaster placed at the edge of the table with the object being to flick the coaster with a finger in the air and catch it with the same hand before it hits the table. Each round gives participants one chance to flip and catch the coasters. If you don’t catch it, you have to drink the amount of coasters that were caught by the previous player. Play starts with one coaster and increases by one each round.

Photo courtesy of Rennett Stowe via Flickr/cc

Russia: Bear Paw

Rules of Bear Paw:

A beer mug is filled with beer and passed around. After each person drinks, the mug is topped off with vodka. This continues until everyone is passed out or the mug is full of pure vodka, at which point nobody is left standing anyway. If by some miracle the mug is full of vodka and players are still conscious, the mug continues to be passed around, this time being topped-off with beer after every sip. This goes on until nobody is left awake.

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Australia: The True Blue Drinking Game

Rules for The True Blue Drinking Game:

Pick a random person, and get all of your friends (who know the song) to sing along and single them out. Here's how the song goes:

“Here’s to [insert friend’s name] he’s/she’s true blue!
He’s a piss pot through and through,
He’s a bastard so they say, and he’s not going to heaven, he went the other way!
He’s going down, down, down down! (keep singing this part until the person has finished their entire drink. As soon as they’re done, follow up with):

“Hooray to [insert name]
Hooray at last!
Hooray to [insert name]
He’s a horse’s arse!”

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    7 - 14 - 21
    Played with poker dice. 7th ace nominates (to a set value) 14th ace pays 21st ace drinks you could do all three!!

    Jul 05, 2012 at 4:24 PM

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