When tasting wines in this sort of setting, surrounded by friends and enjoying good food one’s notes may not be as precise as one might want, but they are a clear take on my thoughts regarding the wines over the course of the night. As a follow up to this evening, and a lead into the holidays I am also including notes taken on an additional 17 wines tasted chez Snooth. These are certainly value priced in comparison to the Throw Down’s offerings, all being priced between $25 and $35. In truth I found the line-up a little disappointing. Many of the wines underdelivered for their price points, though there were several standouts. I expect a lot from a wine once it reaches this pricing level and some of the wines, while lovely in their own right, simply didn’t deliver the added depth and complexity that should come with a $30 wine. Of course many of the wines at the Throw Down also under delivered, and at higher prices, so this might just be chalked up to being Pinot. Not that Pinot is not capable of greatness at many price points. It’s just that Pinot is a fickle grape, low yielding, and often produced in styles that don’t necessarily ring my bell. 
For today I’ll leave it at that, to be picked up when I next taste Pinots at an even higher price point. Without additional commentary I present the results from Snooth’s West Coast Pinot Throw Down followed by my notes on Pinot Noir $25 to $35.