A couple of weeks back I wrote in my What I've Learned post that, “consumers will always be price sensitive, but the goal is to create a conversation, sometimes about the wine itself, but more importantly with the people who are enjoying it. And if we are fortunate, a memory will be made not on the price paid, but the stories themselves.”

Well, a whale sized story hit the wine world this week. On Saturday, April 19, an anonymous “Beijing-based billionaire [had] splashed out a record $500,000 on 27 bottles of red wine, London-based Antique Wine Company said.” That's an average of $18,518.52 per bottle. The 27 bottle lot consisted of Domaine de la Romanee Conti wines from 1961 to 2002. No one will argue the sought after power of these wines; honestly, I had the good fortune of drinking a 2001 DRC Grands Echezeaux last week while dining in New York City. It was my first experience with DRC and even from a challenging vintage year this wine hit all the Elysian highs a wine drinker can hope for - seductive aromatics, silky mouth-feel and a mouth watering finish. I was angered to have to share this wine with my table mates. I knew the wine was credit card bending expensive but 180x more expensive than I am comfortable spending?!?