With my recent tasting of 2008 Bordeaux fresh in my mind, it is the perfect time to revisit a tasting from early this year of what can only be described as minor Bordeaux of the 1980s. Truth be told, I don’t recall the exact pricing for many of these wines, though they were mostly under $10 a bottle. Accounting for inflation, that means about $20 in 2011 dollars.

To put things in perspective, both Meyney and Poujeaux are still minor Bordeaux and tend to be good values, but are priced in the $30 to $40 range these days. That’s just one thing that has changed in Bordeaux over the years. They’ve become more expensive, but they’ve also seen many “improvements” over the years as well. I say “improvements” primarily because some of the progress we’ve seen has been primarily in making the wines bigger and bolder, to satisfy the bigger-is-better camp of wine drinkers and reviewers.

Photo courtesy Skazama via Flickr/CC