Aromas of waxy, dried fruit pop from the glass followed by spicy herbal notes of mint and sage all floating above a tense base of peppery white fruit. A touch of trapped CO2 adds a prickle tot eh tongue as this shows off rather restrained flavors of white orchard fruits and lemon curd. There’s a lovely sense of minerality at the core of this wine, and the texture is polished and refined, it just lacks some intensity on the palate. The finish starts off slowly before building to reveal great minerality and a subtle bitter apricot finale. Elegant to be sure but also to restrained. 87pts
Pretty fragrant on the nose with perfumy floral notes layered over some minty, sandy tones, a touch of fennel pollen and soft heathery citrus fruits. A bit soft, or rather broad in the mouth, this lacks a bit of brightness on the palate but does deliver lovely roasted lemon flavors with hints of sand and herbal floral top notes. The acids pops a bit on the backend and helps to add some drive to the fairly rich but short citrus, peach nectar,  and herb finish. Not herbal like Sauvignon Blanc but more in the chamomile and dried thyme vein.  Would be nice with a dimple fish preparation. 86pts
Reticent aromas of amber, carnations, gypsum and white pepper greet the nose. In the mouth this is smooth, almost slippery on the palate with a fine bright feel and simple yet attractive waxy yellow fruit flavors. the spice on the nose shows up a bit on the back of the palate as this transitions to a modest, refreshing and slightly spicy finish. 86pts
Very citrussy and fruity on the nose with complicating hints of peach and spicy, antiseptic, polleny floral notes. Juicy and a bit fleshy on entry with depth of flavor that recalls fruit nectar. this is in fact a bit thick on the palate with lovely peach tinged pineapple and clementine flavors. The creamy texture really becomes pronounced on the backend, though the modest finish shows a touch of refreshing austerity that help to refresh the palate. 85pts
With simple apple fruit on the nose this doesn’t reveal much aromatic complexity. On the palate it’s a vibrant wine, with bright acids supporting clean, crisp apple fruit that has some steely nuance to it. Clean and fresh, this is uncomplicated though has an attractive texture which is clean and easy to enjoy right through the modest finish. 84pts
Lime leaf and lemons show up on the fruity yet restrained nose along with some light mineral and pollen floral notes.  Lively on the palate, there's just a hint of flesh here wrapping up the energetic acids that support the simple citrus and white peach flavors here. Ending with a lovely hint of almond and pithy citrusy flavors on the modest finish, this is simple and refreshing. 84pts
A touch of soapy florals greet the nose followed by light almond husk, dusty mineral, and dried lime leaf and apple skin aromas. Zesty yet small scaled in them mouth, this displays restrained flavors of dried citrus and apples over hints of iron and almost salty minerality. Finishing with modest length and just a hint of pineapple, this is pleasant and refreshing with some attractive complexity. 84pts
Rather intense on the nose with an odd combination of artichoke, balsamic spice, coriander and melon aromas. Rather neutral in the mouth with a texture that has decent supporting acids but at the same time seems a bit too slippery. There’s some modest citrus fruit present on the palate and a nice hint of complexity on the fairly long finish, but this just stumbles across the palate. 78pts