Cotes du Rhone. It’s a surprisingly well known wine in a world where the wines people are generally more comfortable with come with varietal designations as opposed to regional ones.
Sure there are Chianti, and Bordeaux, but how many other regional appellations are most people familiar with? And is there any other that is exclusively focused on wines that are, or really I should say were, value priced.

Yes even humble Cotes du Rhone have been bitten by the exuberant bug! It’s a classic case of high tides lifting all boats. The prices for Chateauneuf du Pape, the pinnacle of the Grenache based Rhone blends, have enjoyed a meteoric rise over the past decade. Driven by critical hype more than anything else as these are neither particularly rare wines, except among the explosive proliferation of luxury cuvees, nor particularly challenging to farm,though the ever escalating pricing for these wines left a void in the marketplace. What to buy when your $40 Chateauneuf becomes $75? For a year or two it was a $28 Gigondas, but that is now $40, so what is next? Why $40 Cotes du Rhone of course!