He's got the best nose in the Hong Kong wine business.
Lu Yang, corporate wine director for Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts, won the 2014 Best Sommelier China competition. Lu bested more than 100 other competitors to earn his title and the chance to compete for the coveted position of Greater China representative in the Best Sommelier in the World showdown in Argentina two years from now. 
After winning the competition, Lu told local media he felt like was able to better manage unforseen challenges during the rigorous test.
Lu is the latest star in a growing Chinese sommelier scene. The Hong Kong Sommelier Association (HKSA), the organizers of the finals of the Best Sommelier China competition, is an integral part of the regions nuanced noses.
“Well acclaimed as the only official Sommelier Association in Hong Kong and Greater China, HKSA is commissioned to set up a well-governed sommelier accreditation system across the region,” the association's website says, “with a principle objective of further upgrading the expertise of local sommeliers and wine industry players.”
That principle objective was met with vigor by Lu, who ran a difficult gauntlet on his way to the title. 
In addition to tastings, L:u and his competitors were required to take a written test. The written tests included multiple choice questions, food and wine pairings, as well as a variety of inquires relating to a wide spectrum of the world's wine regions.
The HKSA released the competition's semifinal and final-round written tests.
The semifinal's written test was divided into two sections: multiple choice and short answer/mapping.
Semifinal questions and challenges included “In which year (did) Ticino introduce Merlot as the main grape variety – 1883, 1900, 1906 or 1960, “Please list any 5 types of soil which create the most complex soil profile in Alsace,” and “According to the NCCWS, what are those regulations that determine a cool climate region”.
The final-round test included 30 short-answer questions.
These questions included “In (the) Atacama region, what is the most famous alcoholic beverage and please briefly describe this beverage,” “The famous Chateau Lynch Bages was established by _____ in 1749; and after (a) few family ownerships, Jean Charles Cazes purchased the Chateau in year ________ and retained the ownership (until) now” and “Which are those 5 chateaux (were) additionally added in Premier Grand Cru Classe list B of St. Emilion in 2012”.