• What to Drink Next

    So over the past few weeks, I’ve put together some ideas for what to drink next. Just to repeat, these are only suggestions. You might be shocked to hear...

  • Time to Listen

    Jamie Goode has been adding to the level of discourse on the Internet for years. In fact, since 2001, he has been publishing his thoughts online....

  • What to Drink Now

    I originally began this series with a slideshow about light crisp wines, mostly because they were on my mind (being summer and all), but it also made a lot...

  • Road Trip to the Finger Lakes

    Drive four hours north and west of Manhattan and you’ll find yourself in the Finger Lakes region of New York State. Named so because from the air or on a...

  • Summer's Last Splash

    Whether you’re entertaining on the patio or watching the tide from your beach chair, summer calls for one last wine-inspired hoorah. Before fall ushers in...

  • All About Riesling

    The only thing I know about Riesling: how delicious it tastes on a hot summer day. No other wine, for me, quenches thirst as well after a hot day spent...

  • What to Drink Now

    Last week we took a look at what sort of white wines you might want to try after experiencing your gateway wine. Today we’re going to take a look at the...

  • Your Epiphany Wine Contest

    We’ve just started our second wine writing contest here at Snooth, the first one was about wine travel itineraries and the winner, Shannon Jones, won a...

  • Red Wines for Summer

    Many of you here (such as myself) developed a taste for red wines long before your taste for whites – I still prefer the complexity of a red, even if it is...

  • What to Drink Now

    It’s a common question and I get it from newbies and experts all the time. We sometimes find ourselves in a rut and don’t know how to get out of it, or...

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