• Great Values for the Cellar 5

    After four installments of "Building a Cellar on a Budget," the chant of "Where’s California in all of this?" has grown to be more than I can bear! Yes,...

  • Stocking Up on Syrah

    Well, this week’s installment of "stuffing your cellar on a Happy Meal budget" takes a look at grapes instead of regions. While both of our chosen grapes,...

  • Cameron Hughes is a winner

    Ladies and gentlemen, your votes were counted, and your favorite Cameron Hughes wine from last month’s amazing Snooth Special Sampler offer has been...

  • Great Values for the Cellar 3

    Well, we really got a lot of feedback from you Francophiles out there after last week’s Italo-centric email. Okay! UNCLE. I relent! This week I’ll take a...

  • Great Values for the Cellar 2

    We got started last time with a short list of cellarable wines that won’t break the bank. I only touched on Portugal and Spain, and judging from the...

  • Starting a Wine Cellar on a Budget

    The big problem with setting up a cellar is, of course, that virtually all great wines for the cellar come with impressive price tags. I’m here to help...

  • Wine Accessories 101

    The most important weapon in every wine drinker’s arsenal is, not surprisingly, decent stemware. By decent I don’t mean fancy, just a nicely shaped...

  • Buy Trabucchi at Chambers St

    If you even think you might like Amarone you must try the 2002 Trabucchi Amarone. Not only does this wine defy your Amarone stereotypes, but it does so at...

  • What's new on Snooth

    So much happens here at Snooth each week that it's easy not to notice some of the newest developments. Just last week, for example, we conducted our second...

  • What to do in 2010

    So it’s time to talk about New Year resolutions. I’m not one who puts much stock in them but sometimes sharing your promises to yourself can be a great...

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