A group of fearless bloggers has been in Friuli, Italy, reporting daily on their adventures. All of their blog posts can be found at the website http://cof2011.com/ as well as on each individual's blog. We have been thrilled to be able to bring their reporting to you and encourage you to visit their blogs daily for exciting Friulian posts from Jeremy Parzen, David McDuff, Samantha Dugan, Wayne Young, Alfonso Cevola, and Nicolas Contenta.

What follows was originally posted by Alfonso Cevola on 2/13/11 on his blog On the Wine Trail in Italy

Driving back to the airport in a fog. After a week with my compadres it’s time to go back home. Leave Italy. Again.

I have this thing I do when I am getting ready to leave Italy. I get nostalgic. Must be something I inherited from my immigrant grandfather. I look at the ledges of windows in a bathroom and imagine all the people who will come in and use this space when I am gone. Or looking down a walkway in a town, when on Saturday night, in the summer, people will walk, arm in arm, doing their little passegiata through their time on earth. I won’t be there, but Italy will be just fine.