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Chardonnay Under $10 Back in my retail days, there were several things that were dreaded by the staff. Inventory, crazy customers, and the days we tasted cheap Chardonnay.

Well, I've moved on and have rid some nuisances from my life, but these tastings of value priced Chardonnays continue to haunt me. Rarely am I impressed by Chardonnay at this price point and instead am almost always amazed at how some of the wines taste.

As you may know, I have been rediscovering Chardonnay this past year, understanding how it works with food and finding lots to love in many. This group of wines, almost to the wine, represent the kind of wines that make Chardonnay need rediscovering. I understand that people like these wines, and even found a few wines to recommend, but holy cannoli, most of these wines are just not to my palate. They represent iffy value at best, considering what else you can find at this price point.

You know my motto is "drink what you like," but sometimes I have to believe that people are drinking what they are drinking not because they like it, but rather because they don't have a frame of comparison within which to judge wines. There is also the "all wines taste the same‚" argument that I've heard often and can't really argue with if that's how someone feels. I mean, they might have bought this same case of wine and concluded all cheap Chardonnay tastes like crap and I would have a very thin body of evidence on which to make my case. Very thin indeed.

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