Channing Daughters, located on the South Fork, provided me with one of the most unique yet enjoyable tastings during my time out on the Island. The wines are pushing the limits of experimentation, but in a beautiful and eye-opening way. The fact that their mailing list devours the majority of their production is relieving to me because it shows that consumers in the United States are truly starting to open their minds to new experiences. Channing Daughters was the only winery I visited that made wines from all three of Long Islands AVA’s, which lends well to the diversity within their lineup.

“These are food wines,” was the phrase I heard most often in the tasting room. This is likely the easiest way for them to explain the feminine structures and vibrant acidity of these wines to the average taster. However, if you’ve ever explored wines of Northeastern Italy, Slovenia, Switzerland and even Germany, then you’ll feel right at home here. The whites were full of energy with zesty fruit grounded by minerals and earth, while the reds showed a level of ripe, pure, focused fruit that is seldom seen in domestic wines. It was refreshing to the soul as much as it was to the palate.