Champagne and Smoked Salmon

Results from a very special holiday pairing


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Champagne and Smoked Salmon
In addition to simply tasting some Champagne, I also paired the bubbly with an array of smoked salmon that my colleague Kate Statton was tasting for an article on

Contrary to popular opinion, I’m no dummy. I knew this was a great opportunity to do some real investigative work. And man oh man, does Champagne and smoked salmon sound good on the Friday before the Christmas holiday, might I add. 

So does Champagne go with smoked salmon? And if so, does it make a difference what kind of smoked salmon? I hear you guys out there, half are saying Champagne goes with everything so of course it’s going to be magic, while the other half are reminding me how little they like, appreciate and understand Champagne, questioning why one earth wouldn’t I prefer Prosecco, Cava, Sekt…

Well, let’s find out why!

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