The holiday season is upon us and it’s time to celebrate in style.

What better way is there than with a very special bottle of sparkling wine?

A bottle that defined a style

The lake country, northeast of Milan, 1961.

It was a magical time filled with glamorous people living a life of exciting possibilities. A moment in time when Italian design filled the imagination of people around the globe. Fancy cars, fine clothes, Vespas darting through the narrow streets of ancient cities, the hopes and aspirations of a generation; this is the moment when an Italian star was born.

1961 was the year when Berlucchi and pioneering winemaker Franco Ziliani created Italy’s premier sparkling wine: Franciacorta. What is Franciacorta? It is Italy’s grand sparkling wine; exceptional Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, expertly blended and produced using the traditional method, double-fermented in the bottle, exactly the same way as sparkling wines are made by their counterparts in France.

Berlucchi has recreated the wines that started it all. With Cuvee 61 and Franciacorta 61, Berlucchi is harkening back to its inaugural vintage, producing a set of wines that celebrate the origins of Franciacorta and Berlucchi as well as the exciting times in which they were created.

Experience it all today.

Franciacorta 61 Brut is a blend of 90 percent Chardonnay and 10 percent Pinot Noir, matured in the bottle for 12 months to give layers of complexity along with the bright flavors of citrus and tropical fruit found in Chardonnay-based blends. It’s the perfect wine to start an evening, crisp and bright and perfect for an aperitif or when paired with light appetizers such as prosciutto and melon or saffron laced Arancini (Italian rice balls).

Berlucchi Cuvee 61 Brut is a blend of 75 percent Chardonnay and 25 percent Pinot Noir. A bit richer than the Franciacorta 61, one finds more fresh bread aromas here paired with orchard and citrus fruit flavors. This is a wine fit for a meal. Pair it with elegant fish dishes or lighter white meats, or simply enjoy this rich and vibrant wine on its own all night long.

There are also a pair of rosés. The Cuvee 61 Rosé. is a 50/50 blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Complex, fragrant and smooth, it delivers layers of red berry fruit in a richer style that is ready to pair with complex and refined dishes that can highlight the wine’s full-bodied, velvety texture and appealing blend of red berry and orchard fruits.

Finally, there is the Franciacorta 61 Rosé. Elegant and refined, this blend of 55 percent Pinot Noir and 45 percent Chardonnay is all about the marriage of richness and refinement. Superb acidity carries the wines to brighten the palate, which is laced with nuanced notes of crusty bread and fresh wild berry fruits. It’s a wine with which to party the night away, the embodiment of la Bella Vita!

Celebrate your holidays in classic style. Grab a few bottles of Franciacorta 61 or Cuvee to share with your friends and family, and put one away for yourself. You deserve it.