2007 Jaume Serra Cristalino Brut Nature 11.5% $13

This shows impressive complexity on the nose with layered nut, honeycomb, toast, dried fruit and vegetal floral aromas. Fine mousse combined with a broad yet transparent feel in the mouth gives this a lovely presence, both sophisticated and elegant. The flavors are perhaps a touch light on the palate with a hint of something vaguely cherried sitting atop lemon, sour apple and bosc pear skin notes. The fruit here is subtle yet fresh with a lovely interplay on the finish between the fruity and earthy sides to this wine. Very nicely done. 88pts

Segura Viudas Extra Dry 12% $8

Floral and cheesy on the nose with a nice underlay of apple and lime zest fruit. Lovely on entry, this shows a hint of firmness in the mouth with crystal clear citrus and apple fruit flavors that recall sweet fruit without obvious sugar. The finish is clean and crisp, and shows a bit more sweetness but at the same time this is fresh and easy to drink with great apple fruit. 87pts

Freixenet Cordon Negro Extra Dry 12% $10

A bit sweet and citrussy on the nose with some slightly funky earthy notes. Soft in the mouth with fairly refined bubbles. This is well-balanced and round showing off a nice blend of green and yellow citrus notes, a little yeasty complexity and lovely apple and pear flavors. A little sweet but at the same time well balanced with penetrating acidity that drives the finish. 87pts

Casteller Brut 11.5% $11

Intensely aromatic with huge notes of bitter apples, melon, sharp herbs and fresh, polleny flowers on the nose. With a slightly coarse mousse, and obvious sweetness in the mouth this is a bit clunky after the nose, though there is a nice balance between the powdered sugar coated fresh lemon fruit and a gentle underlying bitter, yeasty edge, all topped with gentle herbal notes. The finish is tight and short at first with almost with a hint of tannin and some creamy vanilla notes, but a little bit of air frees it up and this reveals an exceptionally long and intensely flavored finish.  This comes together nicely in a sligthly rough around the edges style, though it offers a lot of cava for the money. 87pts

Painous Cava Brut Reserva 11.5% $15

Pear skin and blanched almonds greet the nose along with subtle quince, strawberry and lightly floral aromas. Smooth and polished in the mouth with a broad mouthfeel. This has excellent depth of flavor showing off complex fresh and dried fruit flavors of dates, peach and apple fruits wrapped up in slightly creamy, yeasty and almond-inflected winemaking. The finish is decidedly perfumed and shows good length with a slightly spicy, lifted character. 87pts

Segura Viudas Aria Extra Dry 12% $14

Bright, clean and fresh on the nose with light dried yellow fruit notes balanced by the gentle yeast and nut aromas. Lovely balance in the mouth with refreshing acidity, a gentle sweetness that helps add a little flesh in the mouth and a really fine, gentle mousse. The flavors here tend towards light dried peach and apple fruits with subtle details added by the gentle nut meat, flower pollen, and cheese rinds accents. The finish is long and zesty with rich candied lemon fruit and a hint of cheesiness on the finale. 87pts