For 4 people
3,5 ounces of rocket leaves
1 rip Mango
2 Kiwi Fruit
36 seedless grapes
2 ounces of Ricota cheese
16 Tiger prawns
2 tablespoons of toasted hazelnuts
Perri Perri powder (or string chilli powder)
Balsamic glaze
Extra virgin Olive Oil
Pepper & Salt to taste
Pour some olive oil in a bowl, add the Perri Perri powder and mix well. Then add the prawns, and coat them in the Perri Perri oil. Heat a skillet and flash fry the prawns till they turn pink (about 1 to 1.5 minutes each side). Remove the prawns from the heat and let them cool. 

 Rinse the rocket, spin dry it and divide over 4 plates. Peel the Mango and Kiwi fruit and cube the flesh and divide by 4 and add it to the plate. Cut the grapes in halves and divide them over the 4 plates. Divide the Ricotta in 4 and put it in the middle of the plate, add 4 spicy prawns and top off with some chopped and toasted hazelnuts, drizzle some Balsamic glaze and Olive oil over the salad, add pepper and salt to taste and serve with a fresh Baguette and a glass of

 Tarlant Zero Dosage Champagne! 

This Champagne is fresh and zesty yet it has plenty of fruit flavours and will work well with this fresh and fruity salad!