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The annual shifts in our calendar create all kinds of serendipitous circumstances. Maybe your birthday falls on a Friday this year, which gifts you an extra big weekend to celebrate. And don’t you love it when New Year’s Day happens to be on a Friday? You get two extra days to recover from your New Year’s Eve exploits. This year, serendipity results in the alignment of #CarmenereDay and Thanksgiving weekend. This year millions of wine lovers around the world will bring Carmenere to their holiday gatherings as we celebrate #CarmenereDay on Friday, the 24th of November. It’s fate, because you could not choose a better grape to grace your holiday table.

Carmenere has a long and storied history. It came to Chile by way of Bordeaux in the mid-1800s. As the story goes, upon arrival, Carmenere was mistakenly labeled as Merlot. The grape lived in Chile under this false name for decades.
By the late 1800s, Phylloxera had destroyed nearly all of Europe’s Carmenere. Just like the woolly mammoth and the dodo bird, true Carmenere was thought to be extinct. The grape became the stuff of lore, and nobody believed they could ever taste the classically beautiful pre-phylloxera grape again.

But in 1994, the insightful French ampelographer Jean Michel Boursiquot saw the false Merlot in a Chilean vineyard and called it for Carmenere. DNA analysis confirmed his assessment, and the grape’s true identity was revealed. Thus Carmenere became Chile’s superstar grape.

And so on November 24th of each year, we celebrate the renewed life of this historic grape. Thriving in its adopted home, Chilean Carmenere pairs perfectly with a wide selection of holiday dishes. This is precisely why its shared celebration with Thanksgiving 2016 is so fortuitous. Carmenere creates herbaceous red wines with easy-going tannins perfectly fit for meats like turkey and ham. The grape delivers vegetal notes that will amplify sundry side dishes which are de rigueur at Thanksgiving celebrations, from string bean casseroles to rosemary-dappled warm olives. These are pert, light, happy wines that will perk up your table in no time flat. Ask your local retailer for Carmenere from Chile, and expect to receive an incredible value.

Here’s hoping your Thanksgiving and #CarmenereDay are equally joyous occasions. Cheers!

Photo Credit: Wines of Chile

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