From Canada’s first -- and by far most accomplished -- Master Sommelier, you might expect arrogance, or at the very least, impatience with people new to the vast world of wine. But you couldn't be more wrong: John Szabo has unbounded enthusiasm for what he does, and is willing and eager to share his knowledge with anyone curious about wine. He is unquestionably an asset to both the Canadian and global wine world.

Szabo first became involved in the industry through an interest in food. As a man who enjoys eating well, he decided to learn more about cooking; His curiosity eventually led him to France, where he spent a summer in a kitchen perfecting his culinary prowess. After his exposure to great wine, back in Canada he found that the wines he was seeking were often not available. This led him to become a distributor in order to gain access to the quality wines he had become accustomed to -- and thus began his road to becoming a Master Sommelier, which he completed in 2004. From there, he branched out into the world of teaching, writing, judging, and consulting, ultimately becoming a Renaissance man of the wine world.

Szabo has since become instrumental in advancing the knowledge of those in the trade through his work with many organizations such as the Wine Council of Ontario, the Italian Trade Commission, and Wines of Chile. He is also a regular instructor for both the Canadian Association of Professional Sommeliers (CAPS) and the Court of Master Sommeliers. His First In Line Report is a staple for wine enthusiasts everywhere, as are the many magazines he either edits or contributes to (i.e. Wine Access, City Bites, Wine and Spirits Magazine).

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