When is a deal so good you don’t have to assault your customers with over-the-top advertising? When it’s Cameron Hughes, a wine négociant who has been delivering amazing wines at everyday prices for almost 10 years! Today, we have an exclusive sampler, hand-picked by Cam for Snooth users and there's the added bonus of free shipping and 6 free CH Holiday wine bags. This is simply a case of good things getting better! A deal so good it’s gonna sell itself.

As you know, we’re big fans of Cameron Hughes and what he’s doing. While Cameron started out as a classic négociant, buying and bottling individual lots of wine (hence the catchy name for each bottling) he has developed into much more. Today, he is a modern-day renaissance man of the vineyards.

Why, you ask? Well, it’s simple. After several years as a négociant, and more importantly as a man who develops relationships, Cameron Hughes has now involved himself much more deeply in every step of the wine-making process. Whereas in the past he may have been content to simply shop the market in search of great deals, today Cam is out in the field producing great deals from the ground up.

That’s not to say Cameron Hughes no longer ferrets out the greatest deals available in the marketplace and delivers them to you for a fraction of the original price. That part of the equation is still safe and sound. What has changed though is that now Cam is able to go right to the source and buy grapes from the finest growers, even work together to develop viticultural strategies that ensure you’ll be getting the best wine a vineyard has to offer at a price that can’t be beat!

Just look at the line-up Cameron Hughes Wines has on offer for Snooth members!

Cameron Hughes 2010 Holiday Sampler with Free Shipping

Order your hand-picked Cameron Hughes Holiday Sampler today to receive free shipping and 6 CH Holiday wine bags all for only $185!