When you travel around the world visiting wine regions as often as not you simply have your expectations fulfilled. Think about it. You travel to Piedmont to taste Nebbiolo, Burgundy to taste Pinot Noir, Napa to taste Cabernet and Sonoma to Taste Zinfandel. It’s just one of the mental shortcuts we’ve developed in order to deal with an ever increasingly complex world. We are all guilty of pigeonholing, and by doing so we tend to sell whole regions or grapes short while depriving ourselves of new experiences that should be able to change our perspectives.

I was recently in Santa Barbara in search of wines that I wanted to taste in order to help better formulate an idea that I had. That idea, that Grenache is really the perfect grape variety for a huge section of the red wine drinking public, is expounded upon in detail here, but I only bring it up today to add a bit of context to this idea of pigeonholing and how it’s robbing us of potential.