Not only is Cabernet Sauvignon the most popular red wine, it’s also one that is best suited to gift giving. It’s a wine that everyone knows and understands. Big, rich and bold, it’s the archetype of red wines that is perfect for the cooler months that lie ahead. While Cabernet does get a bit of a bad rap as being ubiquitous, that doesn’t mean that that all Cabernet is the same.

There are fascinating differences between producers in the same region, and of course between regions. While much of the world has adopted a certain style for their cabernet, favoring richness of fruit and tenderness of tannin over something a bit more rustic and complex that doesn’t leave us without ample choices this holiday season. If you are looking for a cabernet this gift giving season might I suggest looking beyond the obvious and searching out producers who continue to produce wines that show hints of herbaceousness. Wines that capture the beauty of Cabernet’s power without surrendering to the lack of detail that power can bring to the table. There are many regions for you to choose from; from Napa Valley, to South Africa great things are happening with today’s Cabernet.