With the summer's heat on full blast you might be asking why I’m reviewing red wines instead of something cool, crisp and refreshing, and Cabernets to boot! Well, the truth is that plenty of folks out there enjoy a nice Cabernet this time of year. Think about it, what could be better with a steak off the grill, or better yet a lamb top round, or even grilled portobello caps?
Truth is while this is not the best weather for a big, bold red wine, it’s perfect weather for something a little simpler. A solid Cab served slightly chilled, say right around 60 to 65 degrees. While this might be a bit on the cool side, accentuating the wine's tannin, it makes for a refreshing accompaniment to that steak, or just an evening on the patio enjoying the heat of the day at it relents to cooler nighttime temperatures. So here’s a roundup of value priced Cabernets, the best of which are on the lighter side with a freshness that's conducive to enjoyment at a refreshing temperature.