Brooks Wines, and in particular its late founder, Jimi Brooks, have together had a profound impact on the Oregon wine scene. He was a native Oregonian who spent time in Beaujolais making wine only to return to the Willamette Valley. Beginning in 1996, Jimi worked at WillaKenzie Estate before moving on to Maysara, where he wore the dual caps of winemaker and vineyard manager.

In many ways, what we see as two caps and two titles were merely two facets of the single job that Jimi had come to learn in Beaujolais: making wine in the vineyards. While still at WillaKenzie, Jimi was able to begin making his own wine under the Brooks label: Riesling and Pinot Noir, the two varieties that Brooks continues to excel with, though its Pinot Blanc could make a huge contribution to my summer lifestyle!