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This month, Bordeaux Wines unveils our newest and most engaging website yet. With an imaginative campaign that elevates your good moments into great moments, Bordeaux has transcended the centuries since the first person exclaimed, "Damn, that’s good wine!"

Bordeaux Wines continue to be the world reference for quality and expertise in wine making, setting a high standard that had to be met with the unveiling of the new site. In order to meet that high standard, we at Bordeaux have made the site more compelling, informative and imaginative than ever before.

Join us as we celebrate the art of living, and those who celebrate living themselves. The new isn’t just about wine, it’s about an experience. Whether it is introducing you to the compelling details of Bordeaux, helping you find events in your area, or providing a space in which to share your thoughts on current trends in oenophilia (is that a word? It is to Bordeaux!), our new website is meant to be a place for wine drinkers who want something beyond labels and scores.

Over the coming months, the site will evolve, continuously adding more content. Videos from the winemakers themselves, passionately speaking about their craft. Interviews with famous fans of Bordeaux, from celebrities to chefs to tastemakers. The platform will become a living, breathing destination for wine lovers of any level.

To spread word of this new facelift for the site, Bordeaux is embracing a new spirit, a spirit to inspire wine lovers and gastronomes to take notice of the nature of a magical moment, whether it be an evening with someone special, a gathering with friends or just an all around spectacular event.

Bordeaux wants to inspire you to bring magic into your life! To make a fairy tale of any moment when there are good times to be had. Bordeaux, the quality wine with history and mystique. Add some to your life today by enjoying Bordeaux and!

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