With all the clamor and attention some vintages get it’s a wonder that wines unfortunate enough to come from so-called off-vintages ever find a home.

So, are people just happy drinking wines that the experts have judged to be mediocre, or is there more to this story? Can it be that wine critics, and their approach to tasting, give a skewed result that may not serve their audience?

Well, yes it could be.

In fact, this distortion is never greater than when it comes to Bordeaux. One of the great attributes, valued inordinately by critics and collectors alike, is the ability of Bordeaux’s wines to improve in the bottle. That ability to age is a factor that plays right into the ratings for vintages, and specific wines that move the U.S. wine market. If you're not a collector, but simpy love Bordeaux, you might want to skip the entire pedantic discussion of vintages and dive right into EnjoyBordeaux.com where you can learn more about the wines of Bordeaux.