Feb. 7, 2012 – The old phrase “easy come, easy go” held all too true for one Britain man after a bomb disposal unit detonated unexploded World War II mortars in his garden.

Tim Woodall was digging in his garden in Saffron Walden, Suffolk when he discovered the bomb, according to Decanter. Woodall called the police who shortly thereafter arrived and set off a controlled explosion. The blast exposed a wine cellar filled with French wines from vintages between 1931 to 1937.

Unfortunately for Woodall, what the bomb giveth, the bomb taketh away. Inside the cellar, police discovered two more explosives and determined that those had to be blown up as well, Woodall said in his letter. The resulting blast collapsed the shelter and Woodall was left deflated.

From Decanter:

“Woodall's letter goes on, ‘A secret wine cellar containing old vintage wine had just been blown up in front of our eyes…It was depressing to end the most exciting day in our lives with a cup of tea, instead of something infinitely more interesting.’”

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