The wine world is usually going through one form of a conniption fit or another over the very real yet wonderfully vague differences that separate so-called modern wines from the traditional wines.

Now, much like point scores for wine, the definition of what constitutes modern (manipulated industrial swill or lush fruity gems?) or traditional (complex expressions of terroir or dirty, rustic swill?) tends to vary from person to person. In spite of a virtual completely gray playing field, most people like to view the wine world as terribly black or white!

The truth is, there are producers out there who do manage to take advantage of the best of both sides, producing wines that may be decidedly middle of the road, and thus less sensational in the literal sense of the word. They also may produce wines that are lush and fruity and express their terroir, or any other of the near infinite combination of adjectives one can cobble together for the purposes of illustrating what a successful middle of the road wine might exhibit.