In the age of mobile phones, CNN and foursquare, the idea of lost tribes and civilizations is something that even the most ardent of National Geographic readers would have trouble believing. Watch Discovery Channel and you’ll see that western civilization has pretty much explored every inch of the earth and the idea of something so pure and untouched in our present day seems the stuff of urban legend; a hoax or a wild fantasy for wealthy explorers with more dollars than sense.

Wine lovers, on the other hand, are prone to lead a life of discovery. With so many regions, each one with an ever-expanding repertoire of fine wines on offer, there are always opportunities for experiencing something new and exciting. Consider Spain, for example, a country with a rich tradition of wine culture, so rich in fact that for decades the Spanish kept many of their finest wines for themselves.

In today's global economy that is becoming ever more difficult, we are fortunate to discover regions like Toro, and grapes like the local Tempranillo, referred to as Tinta de Toro, that produce amazing, unique wines that speak to us of the past, of their place, and of the men and women who work these ancient vines.