Bedrock, a word filled with connotation, and one well-chosen for Morgan Twain-Peterson's fledgling wine company. The son of one of California's Zinfandel heroes, Joel Peterson of Ravenswood fame, Morgan has emerged as a champion of old-vine Zinfandel vineyards, old-world winemaking techniques, and old-fashioned values. His wines, predominantly Zinfandel and Zinfandel-based field blends (with a nice selection of Syrah as well) have won over wine lovers. And while they’re mainly available through Bedrock's mailing list, that shouldn't prevent you from trying to track down a few.

Fermented with natural yeasts in open-top fermentors, these wines quite literally look to the past for inspiration, yet are at the same time completely modern in their purity and expressions of fruit. If you love Zinfandel, they are wines that will ring your bell; if you are unsure if you love Zinfandel, you probably have yet to try them. They not only express the fruit of their old-vine vineyards, but do a terrific job of expressing the vineyards themselves. Perfumed, with an obvious if not excessive use of oak, each wine stands as a unique expression of a vinous treasure nearly lost to time.

These are not vineyards that have proven to be particularly profitable for their owners, and without the direct-to-consumer model that Morgan uses, it's likely they would be grafted over to something more profitable; Cabernet, Chardonnay, or building lots all being likely alternatives to the unlikely success story that Bedrock has become. Powerful and solid, like their name implies, one can only hope these wines endure. They offer too much joy, too much simple pleasure, and too much historical importance to be lost and forgotten.

Bedrock Image via Bedrock Vineyards