Barolo Vintage 2009

A Most Irregular Vintage

First Growth


Giacomo Conterno – A traditionalist producing classic wines.


Giuseppe Mascarello – A traditionalist producing classic wines.  


Brovia – A traditionalist producing classic wines.  


Cappellano- A traditionalist producing classic, old school Barolo


Elvio Cogno – A traditionalist producing classic elegant wines.


Produttori del Barbaresco - – A traditionalist producing classic wines.


Domenico Clerico – A modernist producing powerful wines closely tied to their terroir.


Giuseppe Rinaldi – A traditionalist producing classic wines.


Bartolo Mascarello - A traditionalist producing classic wines.


Second growths


Luigi Baudana (produced by Vajra) – Traditional wines that blend in some modernist softness and purity yet retain the rusticity and power of their terroir


Francesco Rinaldi – A traditionalist producing classic if sometimes delicate wines.


E. Pira -  A straddler moving from more modern to more traditional producing elegant, refined, aromatic wines.


Gianni Canonica – A traditionalist producing exceptionally pure and transparent wines.


Elio Grasso – Another stylistic straddler producing surprisingly elegant and bright wines.


Cascina delle Rose - – A traditionalist producing classic wines.


Fratelli Oddero - A traditionalist producing classic, old school Barolo


Vietti – A winery that now straddles the line between modern and traditional, with wines that are elegant and perfumed.


Third growths


Barale – A traditionalist producing classic, old school Barolo


Guido Porro – A traditionalist who coaxes tons of fruit from his vines that conceal big structure and rarely obscures terroir. 


Rivella Serafino – A traditionalist producing classic old-school Barbaresco.


Cavallotto – A mostly traditional producer whose wines have been irregular but are true to their terroir


Massolino – Moving back to the traditionalist camp, these are fine, somewhat fruity and supple examples from Serralunga with a new Barolo from Castiglione that is a powerhouse in 2009.


Aldo Conterno – A straddler producing remarkably fruity wines that have significant terroir fingerprints and some classic Barolo character.


G. D. Vajra – Mostly a traditionalist whose wines are pretty and easy but lack some depth


Luciano Sandrone – More modern that not, these are well made wines that lack some complexity for me


Fourth growths


Luigi Pira – A bit of a modernist with the rotofermenters wines that can make the wines seem over extracted and clumsy at times.


Josetta Saffirio – Modern approachable wines that are curiously fruity and on that level a success.


Cantina del Pino – A straddler producing elegant, delicate wines.


Tenuta Montanello – A straddler producing elegant wines where the oak seems a bit obvious.


Fifth growths


Cordero de Montezemolo Monfalletto - A winery that produces fairly soft, modern wines using fairly traditional techniques. Their Enrico VI Barolo is a step above the rest of the wines produced here.


Marchese di Gresy – Another straddler where the use of oak can be inelegant


Scavino – A modernist producing soft, supple wines that lack some typicity


Elio Altare – A modernist producing light, perfumed wines that are very fruit forward.


Roberto Voerzio – A modernist producing powerful fruit driven wines.

Visits in Barolo Part 1

Visits in Barolo Part 2

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  • I would be interested to know what you think about Enrico Serafino, Gregory, as Its the one I have several cases of. I assume they make it the the US. I am in Shanghai, China.

    I understand fully if you have no research on it. I am not anywhere near an aficionado of Barolo, but their Barolo from 2004 and Barbaresco from 2005 and 2007 blew me away, so I went back to restock...I also have their Barbera D'Asti 2009 and Dolcetto D'alba 2010 for good measure.

    I tried their Nebbiolo D'alba 2009 and felt it lacked focus (perhaps what you were talking about?).

    Jun 24, 2013 at 2:29 PM

  • Snooth User: Eric Guido
    Hand of Snooth Voice of Snooth
    92549 160,972

    Nice write up, thanks. Is there a link to the notes on the specific wines?

    Jun 24, 2013 at 3:36 PM

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