While today's topic may seem a bit confusing, it really is quite simple. The wine Barolo takes its name from the village of Barolo, but the wine comes from a region that includes a handful of other villages as well. Whether that makes sense or not, the Barolo from Barolo are always worth checking out. With the region's most famous vineyard, Cannubi (actually a set of vineyards), arrayed along a ridgeline where the predominant soils of the eastern and western halves of the region meet, it's no surprise that Barolo from these lands can be the epitome of style, substance, and elegance.

These really are special lands and the wines they produce tend to be among my favorites. They are generally quite fresh and pure with lovely red fruits and brisk, just slightly austere tannins -- for me, a perfect recipe for delicious Barolo. While 2006 wasn't a vintage that played perfectly into the classic style for the village, many producers produced fresh, rich, complex wines. These are certainly destined to be classic wines and, along with Serralunga, Barolo seems to have been the star appellation of the vintage. Having said that, these are very young wines and patience will certainly be required before one can experience these wines at their peaks.

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