Cappellano - Serralunga
I'm not sure there is much to say here. Classicism defined
Tight on the nose which is a bit leathery and gamy, with hints of a little campfire, some nuanced stone, mint and medical notes, and then a really pronounced rose stem aroma. This is incredibly fruity early on the palate, before displaying tense tannins and gaining earth, dried herb, and dried rose petal notes that flood the palate, The tannins are nervy and the acids pronounced if buffered nicely by the density of fruit. Today there's a certain softness, laid back style here, and this lacks the vivacity of the top vintages, but the long finish full of cherry and licorice notes, and the very fresh, clean style is promising, though this closed quickly in the glass so beware its closed phase. A classic Barolo in a clean, enlightened style.