Paolo Scavino - Castiglione Falletto
Scavino is a name that is virtually synonymous with the modernist movement in Piedmont. the wines have always struck me as rather soft, fairly heavily oaked, and a little chunky. the line-up tasted today certainly illustrates that they are taking a different tact with each of their wines and some appear to more successful than others, though my old impressions hold generally true. Taken as a whole these remain rather soft, fruity, and oaky wines. 
All new barriques are used first for barbera, second and third passage used for Barolo which see six to seven months of small wood then passes to botte for one year
Ferments with natural yeasts, about 20 to 25 days to go dry, maceration depends on vintage, can go from six days in very warm years like 2003 up to 18 days in more classic vintages, depends on the skins and maturity of vintage, really like elegance in the wine don't want extremes, fruity and opulent or hard with tannins or austere.
25,000 bottle production from a little less than a hectare in San Bernardo, maybe ten percent of Barolo is Serralunga, Vignane two hectare, Terlo a little more than half hectare, Albarello less  than a hectare, Mariondino a hectare, Altenasso and Vignolo less than half a hectare each
Smelling like a bowl of cherry fruit topped with hints of sandalwood, rose hips, and other woodsy spice. Sweet and round on entry, this shows off lots of red fruit and soft tannins in a rather loose and  fleshy style that finishes quickly with a pop of black cherry fruit. A bit pedestrian. 86pts
60 to 70 year old vines from Rocche, Bric del Fiasco, and  and Cannubi in roughly equal parts.  
This has a pretty nose, noticeably toasty though with strawberry seeds, a little tar and licorice, and milk chocolate, aromas. Noticeably soft and supple on entry with nicely presented fruit on the mid palate showing good tension and a  fairly long finish.  There's a sneaky touch of sweetness here early on that minerality washes away on the backend. Soft, supple and fruity with creamy and sweet oak accents. 89pts
Purchased in 2000
The high toned nose shows toasty spice but more floral edged raspberry and strawberry fruit, macerated Frutti del Bosco and rose petals. This is showing very well, silky with soft rich tannins and very expressive fruit, very aromatic in the mouth, and showing some nice soil tones. The fruit here lacks some brightness, but shows assertive fruitiness in a rather soft style. 88pts
From 40 year old vines, first produced in 2007 
Has a suggestion of thyme on the nose that could lead to tapenade with time. This is a rather gentle nose, showing a hint of white mushroom and a bit of raw milk chocolate oak. Very supple tannins great the palate followed by red fruits with a hint of apple skins on the mid palate along with a small spice note. This is very easy drinking with a decent length finish showing red fruit with some spice and obvious wood tannins. A bit on the lean side. 88pts
Sixty to seventy year old Michet vines.  started in 1985 to makes this cru.
Lovely red cherry fruit in alcohol on the nose which is fairly ripe with accents of white soil, tobacco, sweet floral notes and  a bit of talc. Rather elegant on entry with early notes of wild cherry and small raspberry fruit followed by a bit of toasty wood, then rose petals, soil tones, and incipient tobacco tones. This shows some of the classic Cannubi character, focused lean and slightly austere with a moderately long limestone and wild cherry finish. 91pts
Cut plum, smoke, tobacco and chamomile come together on a very floral and spiced nose with the wood playing a supporting role and late arriving dried fruit accents that turn into chocolate covered cherries with time along with strong minty top note. Powerful and broad on entry with  dried cherry fruit and some nice limestone notes, along with a touch of savory beef jerky on the palate. This has a softness that covers the palate, a pretty feminine style in a voluptuous way, with good length and a bit of wood tannins lingering and building on the finish. the oak is quite obvious here. 90pts
Big fruit on the nose that shows lots of dried fruit character along with savory, sweet root beer notes, a bit gummi bear like with some heat, and camphor and menthol top notes. This is very rich on entry with  lots of red fruit that shows a bit matte in the mouth. There’s a fair amount of tannin right up front along with bright, candied dark cherry/black cherry fruit with a touch  of coffee on the longish finish. Not terribly 2007 in fact, if one ignores the alcohol.  The finish shows some really lovely red fruit and rose floral notes, with the wood being fairly well integrated. 91pts